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I'm an artist based in West Sussex, UK. My evocative paintings are inspired by my emotional inner world and personal experiences. For me, painting is a way to express myself in a way that is deeper and more compelling than any words.

Working with watercolours, inks and acrylics, I explore colours and textures in a loose, intuitive way that reflects the transient nature of life and multifaceted aspects of feeling.

From moody landscapes to bold brush strokes and captivating combinations of colour, my expressive paintings are an invitation to explore our deeper emotional and spiritual connection with the world.

Wendi Olofson. A Sussex based multi media artist who works mainly in watercolours and inks

my story

I've spent my whole life painting but it was only recent personal tragedy that propelled me to focus 100% on my art. We all had a rough time during the pandemic and for me it was a double whammy when my long term partner died unexpectedly at the start of the first lockdown. Finding myself alone and isolated during that dark time was indeed challenging. The only thing that stopped me from getting lost in the darkness of grief was my painting. It gave me tiny chinks of light to hold onto and an outlet for those intense emotions. What you see on this site is a culmination of most of my experiments over the last few years, to be added to of course!

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